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Facebook Privacy Settings

Why its important to know your facebook privacy settings:

Facebook is a great social medium which allows you to share information with friends & family. However if you have not set your privacy settings correctly facebook can and will share your information with third parties & people can view much of your profile information before they request to be added. As of next year Google is incorporating far more of facebooks information, already you can be googled and you facebook profile will be one of the top listings. Next year there will be an additional feature allowing searches for people.

How to set your facebook privacy settings:

In the top right hand corner of your facebook profile click on account to see a drop-down menu, and click privacy settings as pictured below:

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You will come to the following screen:

Go to customise settings -however make a note to re-visit this page & check the applications & websites settings. The ban lists may be used to block individuals & ensure they cannot access your information.


Set all settings to friends only-or the setting of your choice. Untick include me in people here now. And go to album privacy-to set photo album settings.


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