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Google Me Details Emerge: Social Layers and Building off Buzz

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

It’s hard to resist drawing comparisons between Google Me and Facebook, but as more details about Google’s ambitions to build a social network emerge, the more disparate the two become. Though Google Me was initially expected to be a standalone site, Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently revealed it will instead take a layered approach to Web socialization, weaving networking elements into preexisting Google products. Now, TechCrunch has uncovered new details about Google Me, including the news that the service will be built off Google Buzz.

“Google Me will produce an activity stream generated by all Google products. Google Buzz has been rewritten to be the host of it all. And the reason Google Buzz isn’t currently working in Google Apps is because they’ll use the latest Buzz to support the activity stream in Apps… All Google products have been refactored to be part of the activity stream, including Google Docs, etc. They’ll build their social graph around the stream,” unnamed sources who’ve worked with Google on the product told TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington.

The social layers approach is a good one — flat-out copying Facebook, as some blogs have accused, would probably get a big “meh” from the masses. Why bother with a Google Facebook when you can have a Facebook-Facebook? Also, giving the public what it wants — which is apparently even more social Web features — without requiring yet another bookmark or profile could be a recipe for streamlined success.

However, basing Google Me on Buzz’s foundation makes me nervous. Buzz was interesting but heavily flawed, and many people stayed away from it altogether. I’m surprised Google hasn’t shut it down like it did with its productivity collaboration suite, Wave — which was yet another embarrassing misstep for the company. And though Schmidt indicated that Google Me will be an opt-in service, thus reducing the chances of having an angry privacy backlash, it’s very possible that people won’t even know about or use Google Me — just like Buzz’s usage has been tepid at best due to obliviousness.

Brennon Slattery, PC World

Google Activity That May Have an Impact on Rankings

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Google Activity That May Have an Impact on Rankings

Algorithm Changes, Experiments, and Acquisitions

There are currently some interesting happenings with Google search that webmasters may want to pay attention to. The company, which is always busy, has been making moves, which may greatly affect its flagship product – search. This is all in addition to everything the company is doing in social media, mobile, gaming, advertising and everything else (which all may have their own separate impacts on search).

Have you noticed recent changes in your ranking? Tell us about it.

Algorithm Change

Google makes changes to its algorithm all the time, but when a change comes with an announcement, you know people are going to talk. On Friday, Google announced a tweak designed to surface multiple pages from a single site for relevant queries.
“For queries that indicate a strong user interest in a particular domain, like [exhibitions at amnh], we’ll now show more results from the relevant site,” says Google software engineer Samarth Keshava. “Prior to today’s change, only two results from would have appeared for this query. Now, we determine that the user is likely interested in the Museum of Natural History’s website, so seven results from the domain appear. Since the user is looking for exhibitions at the museum, it’s far more likely that they’ll find what they’re looking for, faster. The last few results for this query are from other sites, preserving some diversity in the results.”

Not all webmasters have been thrilled with this. “Brace yourselves! Another Mayday disaster coming,” one person commented -Chris Crum | Webpronews.

Google Generated $54b for Businesses, Publishers, Non-profits in ’09

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Google has released a report that details its economic impact in each of the 50 states in the U.S. In the report, Google says it generated $54 billion of economic activity for American businesses, website publishers, and non-profits in 2009.

“In a time of tighter budgets and a slow economic recovery, we’re glad to support so many small businesses and entrepreneurs across the country by helping them find new customers more efficiently and monetize their websites through targeted advertising,” says Claire Hughes Johnson, Vice President, Global Online Sales.

“The report is filled with really wonderful stories about the direct economic impact that AdWords, AdSense, Google Grants and our search engine have across the country,” she adds. “These are the stories of entrepreneurs across the country growing their businesses with Google.”

In addition to the report, if you go to this site, you can look at each state on a Google Maps application, to see how much economic activity Google’s generated.

The lengthy report can be found in its entirety here (pdf).

Thanks to webpro news & google.

43% Of SEOs Say Traffic Down Since Google Redesign

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Earlier this month, Google launched their new design to all and even though many hate it Google is sticking with it and pleading for searchers to stick with it also. But from an SEO’s or Webmaster’s perspective, is the new design bad?

Some are reporting that the new design is sending fewer referrals and less traffic to their web site. Now, that can be a huge deal for a site that gets a lot of traffic from organic Google search results. Back then, the report came from WebmasterWorld, yes a thread but also the site said they are suffering with the new design. So I decided to see if it is widespread or specific to WebmasterWorld.

I ran a poll asking you if your Google referrals have changed since the redesign. With over 200 responses, I decided to post the results. In short, over 43% of you said your referrals from Google have declined since the redesign, whereas another 40% said traffic has not changed at all since the redesign. Only 12% said their traffic is up since the redesign, I was honestly hoping to see more saying traffic was up.

Here is the pie chart:
Google changes-website traffic

I do find it interesting that so many people said their traffic is down since the redesign, but at the same time so many others said it was not down. What concerns me, like I said above, is that not as many people said their traffic was up. Is this related to the Google MayDay update, it shouldn’t be, because this is dependent on rankings being the same, but traffic not.

by seoroundtable