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Google Activity That May Have an Impact on Rankings

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Google Activity That May Have an Impact on Rankings

Algorithm Changes, Experiments, and Acquisitions

There are currently some interesting happenings with Google search that webmasters may want to pay attention to. The company, which is always busy, has been making moves, which may greatly affect its flagship product – search. This is all in addition to everything the company is doing in social media, mobile, gaming, advertising and everything else (which all may have their own separate impacts on search).

Have you noticed recent changes in your ranking? Tell us about it.

Algorithm Change

Google makes changes to its algorithm all the time, but when a change comes with an announcement, you know people are going to talk. On Friday, Google announced a tweak designed to surface multiple pages from a single site for relevant queries.
“For queries that indicate a strong user interest in a particular domain, like [exhibitions at amnh], we’ll now show more results from the relevant site,” says Google software engineer Samarth Keshava. “Prior to today’s change, only two results from would have appeared for this query. Now, we determine that the user is likely interested in the Museum of Natural History’s website, so seven results from the domain appear. Since the user is looking for exhibitions at the museum, it’s far more likely that they’ll find what they’re looking for, faster. The last few results for this query are from other sites, preserving some diversity in the results.”

Not all webmasters have been thrilled with this. “Brace yourselves! Another Mayday disaster coming,” one person commented -Chris Crum | Webpronews.

Google Generated $54b for Businesses, Publishers, Non-profits in ’09

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Google has released a report that details its economic impact in each of the 50 states in the U.S. In the report, Google says it generated $54 billion of economic activity for American businesses, website publishers, and non-profits in 2009.

“In a time of tighter budgets and a slow economic recovery, we’re glad to support so many small businesses and entrepreneurs across the country by helping them find new customers more efficiently and monetize their websites through targeted advertising,” says Claire Hughes Johnson, Vice President, Global Online Sales.

“The report is filled with really wonderful stories about the direct economic impact that AdWords, AdSense, Google Grants and our search engine have across the country,” she adds. “These are the stories of entrepreneurs across the country growing their businesses with Google.”

In addition to the report, if you go to this site, you can look at each state on a Google Maps application, to see how much economic activity Google’s generated.

The lengthy report can be found in its entirety here (pdf).

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Google has launched Google TV

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Google has launched Google TV
Update Google I/O

Google has launched Google TV, which is based on the Android platform and runs on the Google Chrome web browser.

Google TV expands video choice from the hundreds of channels available via a pay TV provider to a storehouse of video content available through the web and streaming video. Users will be able to watch streaming video from Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, and YouTube.

Google TV features integrated search to allow users to find relevant content across over-the-air and pay-TV channel listings, DVR, and the Internet, as well as a picture-in-picture layout to access multiple windows simultaneously.

Google has introduced Android 2.2 (codenamed Froyo short for frozen yogurt). New Android 2.2 features include portable hotspot functionality, support for Adobe Flash within the Android Browser and a preview of an upcoming web-based version of Android Market.

“The growth of the Android ecosystem continues to exceed our expectations,” said Andy Rubin, VP, Engineering.

“Every day, 100,000 new people start using Android-based handsets. There are now more than 180,000 active Android developers who have contributed over 50,000 apps to the Android Market. Froyo is another step toward making Android an even better platform for developers, enterprises and consumers.”

43% Of SEOs Say Traffic Down Since Google Redesign

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Earlier this month, Google launched their new design to all and even though many hate it Google is sticking with it and pleading for searchers to stick with it also. But from an SEO’s or Webmaster’s perspective, is the new design bad?

Some are reporting that the new design is sending fewer referrals and less traffic to their web site. Now, that can be a huge deal for a site that gets a lot of traffic from organic Google search results. Back then, the report came from WebmasterWorld, yes a thread but also the site said they are suffering with the new design. So I decided to see if it is widespread or specific to WebmasterWorld.

I ran a poll asking you if your Google referrals have changed since the redesign. With over 200 responses, I decided to post the results. In short, over 43% of you said your referrals from Google have declined since the redesign, whereas another 40% said traffic has not changed at all since the redesign. Only 12% said their traffic is up since the redesign, I was honestly hoping to see more saying traffic was up.

Here is the pie chart:
Google changes-website traffic

I do find it interesting that so many people said their traffic is down since the redesign, but at the same time so many others said it was not down. What concerns me, like I said above, is that not as many people said their traffic was up. Is this related to the Google MayDay update, it shouldn’t be, because this is dependent on rankings being the same, but traffic not.

by seoroundtable

Google Wave Released To Everyone-Google I/O 2010

Friday, May 21st, 2010

When Google Wave invitations first went out, they were hugely popular, with requests appearing left and right and bids topping $5,000 in one eBay auction. Now, perhaps with the hope of creating a second surge of excitement, Google’s done away with the invitation system, opening Google Wave up to everyone (including Google Apps users).

Obviously, the overall situation’s changed in a couple ways since last October; a lot of people have tried Wave and decided they don’t care for it, and Twitter, which might be considered a competitor of sorts, has become a more firmly entrenched part of everyday life.

Google Wave

Still, Google’s trying hard to win over skeptics. Lars Rasmussen, who’s considered a cofounder of the Google Wave effort, was on hand at Google IO to break the availability news in front of a large audience.

Also, Stephanie Hannon, a product manager, wrote on the Google Wave Blog, “If you tried Google Wave out a while ago, and found it not quite ready for real use, now is a good time to come back for a second try. Wave is much faster and much more stable than when we began the preview, and we have worked hard to make Wave easier to use.”

(Hannon then specified, if you’re curious, “For example, you can now get email notifications when waves change, easily navigate to unread parts of a wave, and remove participants added by mistake. We have also added permission management options and an extensions gallery.”)

So we’ll see what happens next. And one key point, whether or not Google Wave is successful at finding a sizable user base this time around, is that the product remains a part of Google Labs, so additional changes and refinements may be on the way.
Doug Caverly
Webpro news

Google I/O 2010

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Live Streaming of Google I/O

Day 1 Live Google I/O Keynote will start at 9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT

Google I/O 2010 kicks off today in San Francisco bringing together thousands of developers for two days of deep technical talk, announcements and geek mayhem that you won’t want to miss!

Watch Live Today & Tomorrow at

SEO-Need to Top Google Search Results?-Risk Free SEO

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Risk Free SEO-Top Google Today

Internet Marketing Advice-Google Real Time Search-twitter, facebook, blogs…

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Internet Marketing Advice-Google-Real time search
by-Internet Marketing & SEO Company-Storme Internet Promotion Melbourne, Australia

Googles new real time search options mean that organic listings now display immediately or in real time. The new options under Any time, allow users to search the most recent posts submitted to Google on any given topic/keyword. Searchers under this option may search for; most recent posts, posts from the previous 24hrs, previous week, year and so on… Googles new options also allows searchers to choose the option to only display sites never previously visited-meaning sites previously visited by the searcher will no longer be listed.

The additional Google search options provide a huge opportunity to promote your business within organic searches and to market immediately new products and pages.

How do I utilise Googles real time search options for Internet Marketing purposes?

Through adding new content to your Website, Blog and Social Mediums such as Twitter, you can gain immediate organic listings. When posting make use of keywords throughout headings, content and links.

For more information on blog writing, content writing and organic listings Contact Us Today Storme Internet Promotion Australia offer comprehensive Internet Marketing & SEO solutions & transform websites into an online businesses.


If you do not already Tweet, begin using Twitter as soon as possible. The general rule with Twitter is to Tweet often using links & keywords throughout your Tweets.
And if you feed Facebook to Twitter and vice versa, ensure that you also post unique content on each. Create a Facebook Fan Page and add useful applications such networked blogs to maximise its effectiveness.

-Build history-achieve listings in real-time search.

For more information on how to utilise Twitter, Facebook and other social mediums to achieve real time listings Contact Us Today Storme Internet Promotion Australia offer comprehensive Internet Marketing & SEO solutions & transform websites into an online businesses.

Googles new search features.

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Why New Google SERPs Might Mean More Traffic for You

Google Gives Other Rankings More Visibility

Now that the masses have access to Google’s newly redesigned results pages, it’s time to consider this in an SEO light if you have not already been considering it.

How do Google’s New SERPs Affect SEO?

Google has had its search options available for about a year, but they have not been in the face of the user like the newly redesigned SERP is. With this new design, users don’t have any choice but to notice the options that are available. It’s not too different from Bing or Yahoo in that respect (Danny Sullivan notes that Ask pioneered this design). The difference is that way more people search with Google on a regular basis (in fact, last month Google reportedly dominated the search market by even more than usual).

SEO Strategies and Increased Engagement from Searchers

The new SERPs may shake up SEO efforts, simply because users will start going to the different options Google provides them, taking them to different sets of results. Now that the options are in the limelight, users are more likely to use them.
Yahoo tells us when they added features to their left-hand navigation bar, engagement increased. “We’ve been steadily adding more filtering options and relevant search suggestions to our left-hand navigation bar…and have seen engagement and click-throughs for those features double over the past seven months.” I can’t imagine why Google wouldn’t also see an engagement increase for certain features that are now more visible.

It’s going to come down to evaluating the different options for any given query that you wish to rank for, and focusing efforts upon those. I’ll refer back to the article I posted shortly after Google launched its search options in the first place you can find some tips in that. The same general thinking still applies, but it just got more important.

New SERPs Make Social Even More Important

The options in the left panel pull from “everything” – classic Google results (universal, organic, paid, etc.), blogs from Google Blog Search, Books from Google Books (which includes magazines), Images from Google Image Search, News from Google News, Maps from Google Maps, Shopping from Google Product Search, Videos from Google Video (which includes videos from YouTube and other sources), and Updates from Google’s real-time search.

That last one is of particular note, because before users generally only saw Google’s real-time search in action on select newsy queries unless they hunted them down. Real-time search for any query is now much more accessible, which makes real-time search a bigger deal for search marketing (here’s some tips for getting found in real-time search). Here’s how Google ranks tweets.

Social interactions are becoming more important. The new SERPs also place much more emphasis on social search results. The same goes for location. You’ll notice “nearby” is one of the options. Discussions is another option. Google appears to draw from a variety of sources for this one, but it stands to reason that engaging in conversation throughout the web has some value to Google’s results. There are definitely a lot of results from forums in these results – another reason forum participation can be a valuable use of your time. Forums and Q&A are actually a couple of sub-options, but I’ve seen blog posts in the discussions results too.

Emphasis on Diversification of Where You’re Ranking in Google

What it boils down to is that ranking in all of Google’s different search engines has become even more important for getting traffic from Google. Here are some tips for that. I expect traffic for sites listed in any of these to increase as a result of Google’s New SERP. Keep in mind that Google has been testing this for a significant amount of time. If you think Yahoo was seeing increased engagement, imagine what Google will attract.

I would watch for Google to add more options to the left-panel at any given time. Though they have already experimented a great deal with this layout, I expect we’ll see a lot more tweaking as time goes on.

Chris Crum | Webpro News

Businesses Should Know About These New Local Features from Google

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Businesses Should Know About These New Local Features from Google

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