New My Space-Have you checked out my space lately?

New My Space-Have you checked out my space lately?

Many people are going back or wanting to re-activate their my space account which is now offers more/better features than facebook.

Do you think the new My Space is better than facebook?

My Space now provides cleaner layout with better design tools and new themes.. easy navigation, plus you can set your own theme on all your pages (music, photos, video, and more).

The new My Space allows you to listen to and share your favourite music-something facebook still does not allow you to do so readily. As well as listen to full length albums before they hit the stores, create and share playlists, preview music video premieres, browse the charts and more. You can play your favourite apps-many similar to facebook & get the latest news on celebrities and artists.

The New My Space:

* Clean New Design
* New logo and a fresh design to showcase you and your interests.
* Discover and My Stuff tabs at the top of the page.
* Read Stream posts like a magazine or watch them like a TV.

* Connect with Your Interests
* All your faves for free: music, games, TV and more.
* Share finds with your friends and like-minded people.
* Get recommendations based on your interests.

* Custom Profiles
* New artist themes and better design tools.
* Earn exclusive badges for your activity.
* Sync all your social accounts for simple sharing across networks.

Will you check out the new My Space? Have you already re-activated your account? We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

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