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Online sales forecast to increase by 15%-Are you ready to make the most of online sales?

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Online shopping

Online sales are forecast to increase by 15%. If you are not already offering products and services online-with Christmas ideas in mind; you are not in a position to gain your share of the 20% of purchases made online this year.

* “We see the reported UK DIGITAL and on-line sales trend purported to have delivered a 20% market share for pure play on-line and bricks and mortar retailers last Christmas being followed in the Australian and New Zealand retail market place Christmas 2010.” (

According to the retail alert group the percentage of online sales in Australia is a long way behind the UK and US:

Within Australia, online sales currently represent just 5.5% of all retail sales, well below levels in the United States and Britain, leaving room for significant growth over the next few years. Current lower levels are partially due to the fact that Australian retailers have been slow to offer online sales.” (*

According to IBISWorld some of the bigger retailers are getting it right and it is only a matter of time before other Australian retailers catch up:

* “As access to technology improves, and our overall skill in using it grows, IBISWorld is forecasting time-poor bargain hunters will continue to flock to e-tailers to meet their shopping needs. Improvements in online store usability, efficiency, reliability and security are expected to drive growth of 4.7% in 2010, to reach $20 billion – resulting in a 2.9% growth in employment.

If you are looking to build your online business and profit from the huge increase in online sales this Christmas contact Storme Internet Promotion. We can assist you to correctly market your existing website or to build your business from scratch. Basic website starting at $500.

Robyn Biar
Storme Internet Promotions Australia

Are you making the most of local traffic and internet marketing?

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Are you making the most of local traffic and internet marketing?

Contact Storme Internet Promotion to find out how you can capture the local market..

Are you getting the most from your website?-Making money online

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Are you getting the most from your website?-Is your business making money online?

By now most of us are aware that high listings in Google is important. But is your website being listed under the the most valuable keywords for your business? Does your site attract quality traffic and visitors?
Could your audience be better targeted throughout the various stages of the buying process? Could you increase conversions/sales?

At Storme Internet we not only strive to achieve high rankings for keywords, attracting quality traffic to your website we also take the time to get to know your product/services and business thoroughly, so that we can best market your business online. Storme Internet Promotion Australia offers affordable SEO solutions and Internet marketing strategies. Storme Internet Promotion Australia also creates effective landing pages and website content to encourage your website visitors to become customers.

SEO TIPS-Don’t be fooled by high rankings and the thousands of dollars advised should be spent by some companies on SEO. Affordable and effective measures can be taken to promote your business despite all the hype & buzz. If you are not prepared to find a reasonably priced SEO business such as Storme Internet Promotion, then the secret is in the time and effort spent building, re-building and perfecting your website & SEO. Thorough research and the use of tools made available on the Internet, mediums such as digg, Google & twitter, make it possible to carry out effective seo. -see next blog or page of tips for a comprehensive resource guide.

High rankings are achieved in the same way by each search engine marketing company; the results however are considerably different. Tip: Any search engine marketing company can deliver top rankings for obscure search terms, however very few SEO companies can deliver the same results in the more competitive online markets. For example: it is far harder to achieve number one position on terms such as ‘business suit’, than to achieve results on words such as ‘a business suit”. Unless you have carried out research through tools made available on the Internet, the significance remains unnoticed; in actual fact the numbers for each of the terms differ greatly and the overall results will vary accordingly. Search engine marketing specialists such as Storme Internet Promotion will advise you about keywords to target and provide research reports on which to base your SEO.

Tricks: There are no absolutes with SEO and despite what you just read it is still viable for smaller businesses that are not in a position to compete with bigger companies to use some of the more useful but obscure search terms. Such terms which might only generate a couple of thousand hits per month, can become a significant and viable method to capture more visitors. Phrases that contain more than one keyword may also lead to more refined audiences for example: if you were using the search term fishing rods, the visitors clicking on your site may be looking purely for information about fishing rods or there is also chance they are looking to buy a rod. Whereas when we use phrases such as: buy fishing rod, we can almost be certain that the person visiting is looking to buy a rod.

The main trick or tip here is to do your research. Spend time planning the keywords carefully and make every effort to ensure that you are delivering the content and keywords in a way, which is both natural and conducive to the search engines looking at your site favourably.

Building solid content, using organic SEO, improving page rank and using mediums such as digg, blogs, twitter & Facebook, ultimately this is the way to achieving a successful, quality, high ranking site with regular traffic capable of generating sales. There are no quick fixes and no major short cuts that will improve your ROI or allow you to outdo a specialist who has been involved with SEO from the time it began. Volumes of information, time and experience cannot be replaced by an SEO text book, SEO program or quick fix scheme. The secret is to invest time and effort rather than look for quick fixes which may do more harm than good and have your site penalised as a result. Tip: Be bold, experiment yet learn all that is needed to stay within the guidelines.

Careful planning, time and effort, is required to deliver quality pages to your visitors which is also based upon the right information and a firm understanding of the internet. This is in fact the ultimate answer and will achieve the most optimal results. Not only is Page Rank & position vital but landing pages are critical. Keeping up with the latest marketing advice and staying in touch with internet users experiences and habits online, allows you to target specific information at specific audiences via the correct mediums. Valuable marketing advice can be provided by SEO companies such as Storme Internet Promotion if you do not have the time involved, to source the information.

My final Tips:
Connect with users throughout your messages
Encourage users to respond or act now
Humanise the online user experience
Increase conversions and sales

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Keywords for SEO cont’d-Keyword research.

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Keywords for SEO cont’d
Where do I find keyword statistics?
Author Robyn Biar-Storme Internet Promotion Australia 12/5/10

There are several keyword tools available on the internet to assist with your keyword research, these tools make available statistics on search engine queries each month for individual keywords, as well as the level of competition associated with each term. One such tool can be found through Google Adwords. Set up a Google Adwords account and campaign to utilise their keyword tools.
Note: A full list of SEO tools will be comprised and added to upcoming posts.

Once you have carried out your keyword research and comprised your list of keywords, it is then time to narrow that list down remembering that you can only focus on one or two keywords per page.

For example:

Choose a range of high, med and low keyword phrases:

Buy candles
Buy pillar candles
Buy Homemade candels online

Note: the last phrase above- typos are common and a viable option when deciding on keywords.

If your list contains one hundred keywords and you only have five web pages to work with, choose ten keywords to focus on ie. two keyword phrases per page. If your content has already been built match the keywords to your current content or be prepared to build additional content to incorporate the keywords throughout.

It is not enough to merely add keywords to your meta tags. Google tries to ensure that the person searching is presented with the best information possible hence a number one listing. If your page contains the keyword candles but does not contain appropriate content Google will recognise this and list your site accordingly. The richer the content and the more times you refer to your keywords throughout, the more likely it is that Google will see your site favourably and list it well.

Once you have your list of focused keywords you can then incorporate them throughout your pages. Name your page title and meta titles appropriately. Short descriptive titles that include keywords are optimal. Add keywords throughout your description and keyword meta tags. Incorporate the keywords throughout your headings, links and alt tags.

Regularly review and revise your keywords. Proceed to carry out the rest of your Internet marketing and promotion plans. If you do not have the time it takes to become an SEO expert and achieve the best possible results, Storme Internet Promotion Australia offers a range of affordable services, allowing you to focus solely on your business by leaving the online marketing to a reputable professional.

If you would like advice regarding the most valuable keywords for your website SEO please contact:

Storme Internet Promotion provides affordable keyword research services and free seo advice.

Google Talk-Google unveiled its latest tool

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

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List on Google In 2 Days-Brand New Site-Indexed In 2 days

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Storme Internet Promotion is providing fast results for all its clients-the latest results, a brand new site indexed within google in two days and it received 300 visitors in six days.

If you would like to improve your sites search engine results or target more visitors to improve your internet profit please contact

Top SEO Results in Two Weeks

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

In a matter of two short weeks Storme Internet Promotion Australia has built an Australian Crystals web site and has achieved to date at least three top positions within major search engines, on keywords such as crystals, white selenite and Aussie crystals. These results were achieved through web site optimisation and without any promotion whatsoever, not only does this demonstrate the importance of web site and search engine optimisation, but it also provides a very good example of the potential that this site has to achieve even better results once it is actually finalised and promoted. At Storme Internet Promotion Australia we understand that your web-site’s position within major search engines is a vital client source and lead generator for your business. It’s this understanding and our industry know-how that gives us the edge in Internet Marketing and puts our clients ahead of their competitors. If you would like to improve on-line sales and increase your InterNET profit, contact us and we will be happy to provide suggestions & a free web-site assessment.

Improving search engine rank / position – Case Studies

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Storme Internet Promotion-Case Studies

Mentone Primary School
Mentone Primary School requested that Storme Internet Promotion Australia have their web-site found in Google for terms related to primary school education in Mentone (Victoria). Storme Internet Promotion Australia not only made sure that their site was added to Google successfully but also achieved to date, 13 number one positions within major search engines Australian results without the need for the school to pay for any form of online advertising.

In some searches Mentone Primary school not only ranks first above other government or public schools and private or grammar schools, but they also dominate the first page of results. (See our case studies page for an the image of the Google Australian results page for the search term “primary education mentone”at right)

For more information please email us and we can work out an suitable budget and convenient time to discuss your requirements based upon need and location.

Storme Internet Marketing Services promoted an Australian Suicide Awareness site and achieved a fifth and tenth position in Google for suicide awareness and suicide poetry within 4 weeks.

Read more case studies here.